The climate crisis is a complex and multifaceted challenge that requires collective effort from various actors and a diverse set of strategies to address effectively.

As such, our theory of change is centered around collective action:

  • Funding diverse levers of change: Tara deploys a multi-dimensional approach to its philanthropic efforts by investing in research, policy engagement, communications, diplomatic engagements, and more, as we believe that no one organisation or individual will be able to achieve the massive transformation needed for clean acceleration in Asia.
  • Championing collaboration: Tara’s team of regional experts convene meetings and play a proactive role in building and strengthening networks to encourage and drive collaboration between partners. Moreover, we work closely with foundations and other stakeholders to align strategies and pool resources.

We believe the only way to achieve a just and thriving future in Asia is through collaboration.

Why Climate Action Matters?

Flooded road during a flood caused by heavy rain

Why Asia Matters

We strongly believe that accelerating a just energy transition in Asia is a win-win for both people and the planet.

Fisherman with solar in the background

Just Energy Transition

We believe in a just energy transition that extends its benefits to a diverse range of communities.

Cleaning the solar panels installed on the roof

Clean Acceleration

We believe accelerating the deployment of clean energy in Asia has the power to mitigate the effects climate change, enhance energy security, and uplift livelihoods.