We believe that the transition to renewable energy is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and nowhere is this urgency more apparent than in Asia. As the region undergoes rapid economic and population growth, the demand for energy is also rising at a significant pace. This is putting considerable strain on the energy infrastructure and economies of many countries in the region.

The acceleration of renewable energy in Asia can create significant economic opportunities. The region has vast renewable energy resources that can be harnessed, and accelerating the deployment of renewable energy can result in the creation of new jobs and industries, while also driving technological innovation. Additionally, renewable energy can help address energy poverty by providing access to electricity to millions of people in the region, which can in turn alleviate poverty and improve their overall standard of living.

By working together to expedite the transition to clean, renewable energy, we can create a more sustainable and prosperous future for both the region and the planet.

Our Programmes

Flooded road during a flood caused by heavy rain

Why Asia Matters

We strongly believe that accelerating a just energy transition in Asia is a win-win for both people and the planet.

Drawing sustainability house for our new home, Thai girl enjoy her activity, painting and drawing art product with her family.

Our Theory of Change

We harness the power of collective action to tackle the climate crisis in Asia.

Fisherman with solar in the background

Just Energy Transition

We believe in a just energy transition that extends its benefits to a diverse range of communities.